Movistar + now available on Apple TV (tvOS): how to download the app

The Apple media player has been on the market since 2015, and until this year it was not possible to play Movistar content on Apple TV; not even using Airplay because the apps for iOS were not compatible. Thus, Apple users were forced to use another player that did have the app, such as a Fire TV Stick or Chromecast, or even on multiple native Smart TV systems such as those of Samsung or LG. Apple TV was practically the last system they had left to support.

Movistar + arrives in summer, as announced by the operator

Everything began to change last April, when the possibility of seeing Movistar + in Chromecast with iPhone and iPad was opened. Chromecast compatibility came last November for Android devices, taking half a year longer to reach iOS.

movistar +

With the app we can access thousands of content on demand, including movies, series, documentaries, children’s content, and a multitude of entertainment programs, being able to watch them offline. We can also watch live channels, including sports or DTT, and launch content to watch it on television, as well as enjoy the integration of platforms such as Disney +. It is important to remember that it is necessary to contract television with Movistar to be able to see the contents in the app. In addition, to watch football, it can only be seen on the local network that we have at home, so we will not be able to play it outside of it.

The app allows you to view content in Full HD

Thanks to this, Movistar brings its content to even more users, since it has spent years following strategies similar to that of other platforms through the creation of original content, being the icing on the cake of an operator that currently offers the largest fiber network in Spain .

The application is available at this link, the same as the app that we could already install on iPhone and iPad. To install it from Apple TV it is more convenient to do it from the App Store on the device, or using voice dictation to find it. The app offers quality Full HD in content, although it doesn’t have Siri integration to search for content yet.

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