Movistar will broadcast the Champions League until the 2023/2024 season

The price of football is beginning to be unsustainable and the result of this is the news that we tell you at the moment. Telefónica reaches an agreement to issue the Champions and the Europa League and will be seen on Movistar until the 2023/2024 season. However, the blue operator will cost 15% less, not counting possible agreements with third parties, among which, almost certainly, will be Orange.

The Champions League on Movistar until 2024

Movistar + has reached a great agreement with UEFA for the broadcast of the Champions League and the Europa League until the season 2023/2024. The operator reinforces its commitment to paid soccer with this agreement that continues to place king sports as the main axis of the offer of sports content. With this, they have been broadcasting football in Spain for 30 years.

movistar champions leagueEmilio Gayo, Chairman of Telefónica Spain, has not hesitated to point out that this agreement is a clear demonstration that Telefónica supports sport in its maximum expression and also that it is an asset that drives business and provides profitability. Remember that this is an important step in Movistar’s strategy linked to the world of sports and that they will continue working to offer the latest technology to guarantee a differential entertainment experience.

In this case, the agreement is a success for Movistar in two ways. We have already discussed the first one, since it will pay 15%. The second is that it ensures all the broadcasting rights of the main European competitions for all its clients, both in residential format and for HORECAS (hotels, restaurants, cafes, public places, etc.) in the territories of Spain and Andorra.

This also includes the European Super Cup, the UEFA Youth League, with great promises from international football, and the UEFA Europa Conference League, developed out of the Europa League. That Movistar was going to stay with the Champions is something that leaked last April, but until now it had not become official.

As we know, the lots of this call were:

  • A1 – 16 first-choice games on Tuesday night plus 33 magazine shows per season.
  • A2 – 16 games in first choice on Tuesday night, the Champions League final and the European Super Cup, plus 33 magazine programs per season.
  • B – 104 games per season plus 33 magazine programs per season. These are the matches not selected in lots A1 and A2. Includes the option to broadcast all matches deferred.
  • C1 – Summaries and best moments of the matches on Tuesday.
  • C2 – Summaries and highlights of the matches on Wednesdays, as well as summaries of the Champions League final and the European Super Cup.

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