Mozilla extends search agreement with Google

It is valid for three years until the end of 2023. According to Mozilla, it continues the partnership with Google. It is estimated that the collaboration flushes $ 400 to 450 million into Mozilla’s coffers annually.

Mozilla has confirmed a report from ZDNet USA, according to which the company has the search agreement Google has extended. This means that the Google search engine will remain preset in the Firefox browser in many regions around the world. Mozilla also speaks of an expansion of the partnership, but without giving details.

Firefox (Image: Mozilla)Several sources had previously reported that the search partnership would continue until 2023. They estimate that Mozilla receives between $ 400 million and $ 450 million from Google each year under the deal.

At the beginning of the week, Mozilla announced a major restructuring. Among other things, in order to cushion the consequences of the Corona crisis, 250 jobs are to be cut, including by closing the branch in Taiwan.

The restructuring also means that Mozilla is rethinking its business model and focusing more on financially viable products in the future. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker left open which products would be. However, that introduced last month should play an important role VPN-Play offer that should benefit from Mozilla’s reputation for putting user privacy first.

ZDNet USA sources rate Mozilla’s financial situation as solid. However, the company will likely give up its pioneering role in enforcing Internet standards and also abandon certain experimental approaches to product development in favor of commercial solutions. The aim is to reduce the dependence on Google.

The layoffs should affect the Threat Management Security Team, the experimental browser engine Servo, the Mozilla Develo0per Network and the Firefox Developer Tools. The sources emphasized that Mozilla would continue to get involved in the field of web development and possibly expand its commitment again in the future.

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