Mozilla releases emergency patch for Firefox 78

The developers also temporarily stop distributing the new release. It paralyzes parts of the browser’s search functions. The trigger is a new function that compares search settings with the Mozilla servers.

Mozilla stopped distribution shortly after the release of the final version of Firefox 78. The reason for this was a serious error in the browser’s search function, as reports. An emergency patch is now available with the update to Firefox 78.0.1. In addition, the new release is now automatically distributed to users again.

According to a bug report from Mozilla, the bug had several effects. Among other things, all search engines were missing in the browser. The list of one-click search engines was also empty after the update. In addition, the auto-complete function in the address bar no longer worked. In addition, it was no longer possible to perform a search using the search function on the start page.

According to Bleeping Computer, the trigger was apparently an innovation that was introduced with Firefox 78. The Remote Settings service has been activated for the search. It allows settings of certain components to be compared with Mozilla’s servers.

As a result, the search settings are no longer in local storage, but in a database based on IndexedDB. Their format has apparently not been changed to a new format. The patch should now deactivate the new function so that the search settings are saved purely locally again.

Firefox 78 was the third release in a row, the distribution of which was stopped after the start. Firefox 76 caused problems with one Amazon-Extensions and crashes for users of Nvidia graphics cards. The DNS-over-HTTPS introduced with Firefox 77 triggered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) among DNS providers.

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