"Mulan" comes directly to Disney +

© Disney

After several postponed cinema releases, Disney decided to publish the expensive blockbuster directly on its streaming service.

The Disney fairy tale “Mulan”, whose theatrical release has been postponed several times due to the corona pandemic, is now to be released on the Disney + streaming service instead of on the big screen. The expensive real film, based on the Disney animated film “Mulan” from 1998, should be shown on the video service from September, at a price of just under $ 30, as the company announced on Tuesday. In the United States, many cinemas are still closed due to the corona crisis. In other markets where cinemas have already opened, the film could also be shown there, it said.

The adventure fairy tale about the Chinese heroine Hua Mulan should actually hit the cinemas at the end of March. The Hollywood premiere was still in early March, but then the cinema shutdown thwarted the plans. The start was postponed until July and then further to August. Disney recently announced an indefinite stay at the end of July.

Chinese actress Liu Yifei plays the leading role in the approximately $ 200 million production by New Zealand director Niki Caro. The 2000-year-old Chinese folk tale “Mulan” tells of a brave girl who goes to war out of love for her father, returns as a celebrated heroine and finds herself on this difficult path.

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