Murder case Walter Lübcke: STRG_F publishes disturbing interrogation videos

The lawsuit against Stephan E., the alleged murderer of the politician Walter Lübcke, and the co-accused Markus H. is currently ongoing. In a theme week, STRG_F has now published the interrogation videos online.

Funk’s theme week deals with extremism in Germany. Ten funk formats should participate in their research on the focus, as the company announced. These include Antifa, Holocaust deniers and Reich citizens. The videos of the main topic appear on YouTube and on The contribution of the STRG_F channel to the Lübcke murder case is also part of this project.

In the recordings of the interrogation, Stephan E. describes the crime scene and gives “confessions that disturb”, so funk. How he should have purposefully gone to the crime scene and shot Lübcke. But also how he has radicalized himself in the past. “I want terror to come to them,” was a key statement made by the accused in the recordings. The police interrogation videos have already been brought into the trial.

The core sequences of the interrogation were picked out by STRG_F in a 25-minute video, edited and supplemented with comments and classifications. In funk’s announcement, the video is referred to as a “historical document” in a process “in which it is probably the first right-wing extremist motivated murder of a politician in the history of the Federal Republic”.

STRG_F’s contribution has been available online since 5 p.m. and can be viewed on the official channel:

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