My friend Pedro is adapted for television by John Wick Writer

In a series of announcements to customize game-to-TV shows, this is probably the most surprising.

Earlier this year, John Wick writer Derek Kolstad said he would like to turn My Friend Pedro into a TV series. According to recent reports, it actually seems to be happening.

Apparently David Leitch (director of John Wick and Deadpool 2) and Kelly McCormick (producer of Deadpool 2) will also be on board as executive producers.

What will a My Friend Pedro TV show look like?

It is very early right now, so it is difficult to know what to expect. We only know that the TV show is reportedly a “half hour dramedy series with an R rating” written and directed by Kolstad with DJ2 Entertainment and 87North Productions.

My Friend Pedro is a popular side-scrolling shoot em-up game that combines action, ballet and bananas. A man follows who is ordered to commit mass murder at the behest of a speaking banana.

The protagonist wakes up in a butcher shop owned by a man named Mitch and eventually manages to escape. Pedro, the sentient banana, convinces the protagonist that Mitch is an arms dealer who needs to be eliminated.

The player simply has to kill as many enemies as possible while performing acrobatic flips and wall jumps in parkour style.

If you’re not familiar with My Friend Pedro, the following trailer gives you a good idea of ​​what the game is about.

Of all the games that could adapt to TV series, this indie platform game is probably not what we all expected. And yet we can’t wait to see what they do with it. We imagine the narrative won’t be the most ambitious storyline, but we’re hoping for some great action sequences inspired by John Wick. Even if a floating speaking banana can be seen in the background.

It looks like the trend towards adapting games to TV shows is just continuing. With a new Fallout TV show at the plants at Amazon and The Last of Us on the table at HBO, it will be interesting to see if these adjustments are as successful as The Witcher.

What do you think of a My Friend Pedro TV show? Is it something you would see in the future? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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