Mycook Touch Black Edition, Smart Cooking does not have to be expensive

Cooking with the mobile phone has been possible for some time. The innovation of kitchen robots allows us to send recipes to our robot, which will tell us step by step quantities and cooking times and we will only have to add the ingredients and hit “next”.

Normally, these advanced devices tend to be around 1,000 euros, but Taurus brings us a proposal with a much more adjusted price. The Mycook Touch Black Edition is a special version of the most advanced food processor in the Taurus range, the model Mycook Touch, with all the essence of its functions and connectivity but in limited edition. And in this case, limited edition does not mean a higher price, on the contrary.

Just by being a MC reader you can get a food processor Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition at the best price from June 1 to 15, special discount for the first 15 readers who formalize their purchase in the Taurus online store by clicking on this link. It has the same characteristics as its older sister, the Mycook Touch, and these are:

  • Integrated Wifi.
  • Multi-device connection (robot, smartphone, tablet, computer).
  • 7 inch touch screen.
  • Completely free access to an unlimited number of recipes and other content. It currently has more than 9,600 recipes and is constantly expanding.
  • Manual Mode and Automatic Mode fully guided step by step that allows cooking even without having knowledge of cooking.
  • Mycook App (iOs and Android) that allows the consultation of recipes, as well as sending them to the food processor and receiving notifications of the progress of the recipe, or even preparing the shopping list or seeing all the activity, content, comments and ratings from the Mycook Club.
  • The most efficient and fastest induction cooking.
  • Its special function for making Mediterranean-style stir-fries.
  • Access to all recipes and contents of the Mycook Club at no additional cost, totally free.
  • Online community integrated into the robot (Club Mycook), users can upload their recipes, comment, consult, rate, … You will find all kinds of chefs in the Mycook Club, apprentices, haute cuisine schools or professional chefs.
  • Advanced recipe finder with built-in filters.
  • Nutritional information. Automatic algorithm for calculating nutritional values ​​and calorie content of recipes endorsed by expert nutritionists (Nutren Nutrigenomics UdL)
  • Integrated scale for weighing ingredients, not all competitors have it and they have to weigh separately with the discomfort that this generates and dirtying other containers.

What are the main differences between the Mycook Touch and the Mycook Touch Black Edition?

Mainly the black color that gives it its name. In this case, this robot brings a simpler version in terms of materials and finishes, but maintains the rest of the relevant functions and features, in order to be able to offer, for a limited time, a more accessible price. For example, in this model the steam cooking accessory is plastic, certified for food contact, just like the Thermomix TM6. In the case of the Mycook Touch, the steamer is made of stainless steel.

We must also remember that all Mycook robots, whether smart or not, allow you to access the recipe community, which is completely free and is updated daily. It has a price of 545 euros.

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