Nasa gives Boeing's breakdown "Starliner" a second chance

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The first attempt failed: Boeing plans to repeat the “Starliner” test flight to the ISS this year. NASA gives the green light.

After the “Starliner” spacecraft failed to make its first flight attempt to the International Space Station, the test is scheduled to be repeated later this year. This was announced by the operating company Boeing and the US space agency Nasa on Tuesday (local time) at a joint press conference. An exact date for the new unmanned test flight was initially not given.

With the “Starliner” developed by Boeing on behalf of NASA, astronauts should actually be brought to the ISS this year. In an unmanned test in December, the spacecraft had not made it into orbit and the ISS, among other things because of a problem with the automatic ignition of the drives. A second test hadn’t been planned. A recent investigation by Boeing and Nasa had shown that Boeing 61 needed to make corrections to the spacecraft. At the press conference on Tuesday, Boeing and Nasa announced that the number had now increased to 80 after the investigation was finally completed.

Boeing competitor SpaceX, which Nasa also hired to transport astronauts, successfully brought two US space travelers to the ISS for the first time at the last flight test of the “Crew Dragon” at the end of May.

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