Native emulator on PS4 to play PS One in 4K in Medievil Remake

PS4 emulation is starting to pick up cruising speed in recent weeks. In April we met Spine, a new emulator for PS4 that can now open up to 50 games. However, the most important news in this regard was the appearance of an exploit on consoles with firmware 7.02 that allows the appearance of a jailbreak for PS4 to run homebrew. Thanks to this exploit it has been possible to extract the native emulator on PS4 to play PS One in 4K.

Emulate original PSX on PS4?

The PS4 PSOne emulator comes directly from the game Medievil Remake that hides inside the possibility of playing the original title. This is possible thanks to a native emulator that has now been “extracted” to use with other games. Since then, those responsible for getting the emulator have tried many titles from the original PlayStation, although with different results.

Among the tested games we have Silent Hill, Wipeout 3 and Spyro the Dragon. Not all of them work perfectly and we found some compatibility problems. These problems cause textures to fail or we cannot directly play the title in question. For example, in Silent Hill we have a lot of graphic problems that make the legendary title of the original Sony console “unplayable”.

Other games with problems are Syphon Filter, which does not go beyond the introduction screen or Wild arms It reaches the main menu perfectly, but then it doesn’t work properly anymore. At the moment, this is the little we know about this hidden emulator in the game Medievil Remake that could bring great joy to the PS4 scene.

With the discovery of this emulator, the debate on the backward compatibility. Should consoles ensure backward compatibility with all previous generations, even with an emulator? From what it seems, PS5 will take care of that aspect that has been totally abandoned by Sony on its latest consoles.

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