Technology and fashion go hand in hand, and the designs of our electronic devices are increasingly influenced by current trends. In a good example of this, Native Union has joined the French brand Maison Kitsuné to launch a new collection of accessories for our iPhone and AirPods.

The signature fox head comes to Native Union chargers and cases from Maison Kitsuné. A wide range of accessories ranging from charging bases to covers for AirPods with the colors and logo of the French brand. Within the collection we can find:

  • Jump + Powerbank: an external 12,000 mAh battery with wireless charging and two ports (USB-A and USB-C) with Power Delivery and 18W of charging power that allows fast charging of our iPhone.
  • Belt Cable: Braided nylon USB to Lightning cable that includes a leather strap to store it in our backpack or drawer without getting tangled with the rest of the cables we have.
  • Base Qi Drop– A 10W wireless charging base that enables wireless charging of any Qi certified accessory, such as our iPhone or AirPods with a wireless charging box. UAB-A to USB-C cable included.
  • Colorful cases for AirPods Pro and AirPods, available in three colors and with the fox logo on the front.

Native Union manufactures accessories for our Apple products ranging from charging bases to leather cases, always with premium materials and designs that move away from the industrial aspect of this type of products. Accessories for the Maison Kitsuné collection will be available shortly on the Native Union website (link) where they can be purchased with shipping worldwide. Its price has yet to be confirmed.