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Nearby Share comes to Android for faster file sharing

by Tejas Dhawan


Google has long been developing the technology known as Nearby Share, a new functionality that promised to reach Android to allow users to send files quickly and easily. However, this function has been delayed for various reasons, but this method seems to be coming true, which will change the way we understand the functions to send files.

At Apple this technology is already a reality under the name of AirDrop, which will imitate Android mobiles to try to offer much-needed functions. Everything seemed to indicate that it would come along with the new version of Android but nevertheless when installing the beta of Android 11 we have not found any trace of this functionality. The colleagues of Android Police have been those who have found this hidden function in the latest beta version of Google services.

How Nearby Share works

Through the first images that the Nearby Share functionality leaves us we can see how the integration in the operating system and this function is total. His intention is to put on the tray the option of send files, photos or links as if it were any other web-based app but in this case with the devices that we have nearby. In the images we can see how the option seems both to send a link from a social network, as well as to send files that we have on our mobile.

Nearby Share share android files

We will have to get used to seeing the Nearby Share button and take advantage of this functionality that will come to stay. This option will not be left alone here because we will also have some Nearby Share settings intended to configure how it works. We can choose which users can send us files and who can find us, something similar to what happens with Bluetooth and the visibility of our mobile.

Nearby Share settings

Wi-Fi Direct is the protocol on which this function is based but unlike what happened until now, we will not need any extra app on our mobile to be able to use it. The transfer speed is instantaneous in the first tests since to function what the mobile does is generate a private WiFi network that only gives access to the recipient. Once the file transition is complete it is removed and everything continues as before.

What phones will it be available

Google itself has configured that it is a beta version and therefore its expansion will be gradual. For now the first mobile phones to cover it are the Google Pixel 4 but it is expected that with Android 11 its integration will be total. The only requirement that will be essential to use it is that we have a version higher than Android 6.0. It is not only proposed as a very useful option between mobiles because as we see in Apple’s AirDrop it will also be compatible with Android TV or other devices linked to the smartphone.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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