Nearby Share: Google launches AirDrop alternative for Android

It is initially available for Pixel and Samsung smartphones. An exchange with Chromebooks will also be possible in the future. Nearby Share uses Bluetooth, WiFi and WebRTC to exchange content.

Google did with the distribution of a new one AndroidFunction started. Nearby Share is designed to simplify the exchange of content between Android devices. Offers a similar function Apple under the name AirDrop for iPhones and iPads.

Nearby Share for Android (Image: Google)Nearby Share primarily automates the selection of the best protocol for fast file exchange, whether online or offline. You can choose from Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, a direct WiFi connection and the Internet protocol WebRTC.

Users can also send and receive files anonymously. In the privacy settings, you can also specify that a device is not visible to other Nearby Share users – or that visibility is restricted to certain contacts.

Nearby Share is started using the Android share function. Clicking on “Nearby Share” displays a list of nearby devices, which can then be selected by tapping on them. The recipient now receives a notification that the sender wants to share a file with them. If the process is accepted, Nearby Share transfers the file and displays it on the recipient’s device.

Nearby Share initially on certain Pixel devices as well as some smartphones from Samsung available that run at least Android 6. The function will be rolled out in the coming weeks for more Android smartphones and also for Chromebooks.

“The Android community has long been asking for a way to quickly share content from their devices. After years of development, Android is therefore launching Nearby Share on the market, a platform that enables reliable and easy exchange across thousands of Android phone models and billions of people, ”wrote Daniel Marcos Schwaycer, Product Manager for Android at Google, in a blog entry.

Apple AirDrop allows files to be exchanged between iOS devices and macOS computers. The only requirement: The devices must be in the same WLAN network or within Bluetooth range. Samsung also offers a similar feature called Quick Share.

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