Nearby Share, Google's AirDrop for transferring files without the Internet, is now available

Android already has its alternative to AirDrop, and from today it begins to be available on some devices.

After several months of testing, Nearby Share a is available. Google has finally made official the arrival of the new file transfer between Android devices without an Internet connection, with which the company intends to offer an alternative to Apple’s AirDrop.

Nearby Share allows transfer files and information of all kinds between devices instantly. The platform is available for millions of Android devices around the world, starting with the Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy.

Nearby Share

Nearby Share allows you to transfer files between devices without an Internet connection.

Nearby Share will work with any Android from version 6.0

The main virtue of Nearby Share compared to other similar systems is its Easy to use. The company claims that no need to follow complex procedures to choose the documents to send or to select the contact that will act as receiver.

Instead, Nearby Share offers a solution in just a few taps. To do this, simply touch the share button native to Android, and in the menu select the option “Share with Nearby”.

In this way, the compatible devices to whom to send the information. By selecting one of them, the contact in question will have the possibility of admit or reject receiving the file.

Nearby Share works both with and without an Internet connection. Depending on the type of file to send and the mode of transfer, the system will choose the most suitable protocol to carry it out, either through Bluetooth, WebRTC or Wi-Fi P2P. The latter gives the possibility of making offline transfers.

At any time, users can modify your status so that they may appear visible or invisible to other people. Also, since it is necessary to accept transfers, we will not receive unwanted information or files.

Another of the great advantages of this system is the Chromebook integration. In the coming months, Android users will be able to instantly transfer files to ChromeOS-based computers via Nearby Share.

To begin its deployment, Google has chosen the Google Pixel phones and some Samsung Galaxy, and they will be the first to receive this function from today. Later, the rest of the terminals with an Android version equal to or greater than 6.0 Marshmallow They will receive this feature through an update to Google Play services.

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