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Netflix changes the way of watching series and movies with its new function

Netflix changes the way of watching series and movies with its new function

Last October it was announced that Netflix was testing a new feature, the possibility of speeding up the playback of videos in the application. In its day, no information was given about its launch, although it was expected that it would arrive in Spain sometime in 2020 officially to the application.

Although this role was controversial, many directors complained about this decision, the company has moved on with the same. Netflix now introduces this feature in the Android app. It is already displayed for all users of the popular application.

Netflix lets you change the playback speed

Netflix is ​​going to allow users control the playback speed of your content. This function is introduced in the playback controls, where we have other functions such as subtitles. Thanks to this new function, users will be able to watch series or movies with slower speeds, up to 0.5x or faster, up to 1.5x.

In addition, it is a function that will be able to be used both in streaming content, as well as in those that we have downloaded to the mobile or tablet to see whether to consume mobile data. A total of five speeds are given to choose in this case: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x and 1.5x. When playing that series or movie, users can use the speed they want, although it is allowed to change it at all times and return to normal speed (1x).

When you change the playback speed of a series or movie, Netflix also adjusts the speed of these subtitles.. So if it plays more slowly, it allows you to have more time to read the subtitles. This is something that the platform has highlighted, since they consider that it allows people with accessibility difficulties to better follow these contents.

Today, Monday, August 3, said deployment begins officially, as announced by Netflix. It will be a gradual deployment, so it is possible that even today you will not be able to make use of this function in your Android application. It is the application in Android the first to obtain it and later the app will follow in iOS, although no dates have been given.




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