Netflix: First glimpse into disturbing new psychological thriller

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“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is one of the top-class Netflix films that will be released this year. Now the streaming service has published first insights into the weird psychological thriller.

The film is the latest work from acclaimed director Charlie Kaufman, who won an Oscar for his screenplay for the surreal romance “Forget Me Not!”. After the animated film “Anomalisa”, Kaufman took five years to make his big comeback on Netflix. And for this he chose a large material straight away. “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is based on the novel of the same name by Iain Reid, which was published in Germany under the title “The Ending – You will be afraid. And you won’t know why “appeared. The versatile psychological thriller experienced a bit of hype, especially in English-speaking countries. National Public Radio even named it one of the best novels of 2016.

Scary in-laws

The plot is about a nameless young woman who wants to visit his parents’ farm with her boyfriend Jake. As she gets to know Jake’s parents better, she suddenly begins to question everything in her life. A snowstorm forces the two of them to extend their stay, and gradually the mood threatens to change.

Anyone who has read Iain Reid’s novel knows that nothing in this story is what it seems at first. One can express doubts, because it is by no means an easy task to transfer the confusion of the novel with fears and identities into a film. If you believe the author’s statements, Charlie Kaufman has created something very unique from the material. After the first trailer, it is clear that film fans can look forward to impressive pictures and a top-class cast. In addition to Jessie Buckley (“Wild Rose”) and Jesse Plemons (“Breaking Bad”), Toni Collette, among others, plays one of the leading roles who has already proven her horror skills in “Hereditary”.

On September 4th, the thriller will appear worldwide on Netflix. To get in the mood, the streaming platform released a first trailer this week:

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