Netflix grabs Ubisoft's next cult game

Ubisoft currently seems to be fully on film and series course, because another adaptation of a video game is due by Netflix. A film about Beyond Good & Evil is planned.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Only a few days ago it became known that Ubisoft was riding with Netflix on an anime series about Splinter Cell. The collaboration with the streaming provider continues. As the Hollywood Reporter reports a film about Beyond Good & Evil planned.

In 2017 it became known that Ubisoft was working on a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil from 2003:

The film is supposed to be directed Rob Letterman take over with Master detective Pikachu a great success in 2019. According to the report, the Beyond Good & Evil film is also said to be a mixture of real film scenes and animations become. A concept that already worked for master detective Pikachu and grossed $ 433 million.

Netflix production is still at an early stage, and authors are currently being sought for the film.

Even if Beyond Good & Evil was not a success with the release, the game became a cult over the years and even got a remaster in 2011:

One of the strengths of the game is history. It revolves around the photojournalist Jade, who is commissioned by a secret organization to uncover a conspiracy surrounding the factions at war.

There are currently no release periods for either the sequel or the Netflix adaptation.

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