Netflix marries German streaming service – and you save money

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German live TV together with Netflix series and films: This combination is now available on, at a lower price than when booking individually. However, you should be careful when choosing the package, as Netflix content is not always available in high resolution. and Netflix: Combination package available

What doesn’t offer is often found on Netflix – and vice versa. Now a new combination package is to convince users with even more streaming content. Instead of just using or Netflix, ideally both are available – and you also save a bit of money compared to what you would otherwise pay for both packages at the same time.

The cheapest option, which is available for 16.49 euros per month, includes the 130 channels of the Perfect tariff from together with Netflix ‘basic tariff. Here the quality of the streams is limited to SD. In addition, only one stream can run at the same time, so multiple devices are not supported at the same time. Compared to buying the individual packages, there is a saving of 1.50 euros per month.

The situation is different with the slightly more expensive combination, which costs 20.49 euros per month. Here you can find all content from and HD streams from Netflix from the standard package. In addition, two devices can use the offer at the same time. If, on the other hand, you want better UHD quality on Netflix and up to four streams at the same time, you will be asked to pay 24.49 euros per month. Netflix Premium is included here.

Netflix: These series are new now. and Netflix: One package, two apps

While billing takes place exclusively via, there is no content from Netflix in the app. Instead, customers also have to install the Netflix app. The offer is aimed at both new and existing customers and can be canceled on a monthly basis.

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