Netflix reaches the Google Nest Hub: so you can use it

In recent years, virtual assistants have achieved great popularity, with Amazon Echo and Google Home being the best options available in Spain.

Google continues to work on improving its ecosystem of home devices, and its smart displays receive from today an important addition, such as the arrival of Netflix to its smart displays.

Netflix arrives at the Google Nest Hub

Google has added significant added value to its smart displays. This addition is the integration of Netflix as a multimedia application for Google Nest screens.

Does it make sense to access Netflix from a smart screen? Well according to Google yes, and it is that according to the company the kitchen is one of the most popular places for Google Home, and positioning itself as an entertainment option capable of working even if we have our hands full makes a lot of sense.

If you already had Netflix linked to Google Home to send Netflix content to your television, the process will be similar. Suffice it to say Ok Google, open Netflix, or Ok Google, put (name of the series or movie). The difference now is that instead of sending it to television, you can play it directly on the Nest Hub.

How to activate it

Adding Netflix to the Google Nest Hub requires an active Netflix subscription. The process is similar to activating Netlix to send content from the speaker to the Chromecast (and if you already did, you won’t have to do it again). The steps to follow are those:

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Click on our account icon in the upper right corner.
  3. We touch Wizard Settings.
  4. We go to the tab Services.
  5. We’re going to Videos and photos.
  6. Here we can link our Netflix account and start using it on the smart screen.

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