Netflix recovers the image quality in Spain after months capped

The European Union asked the different operators to reduce the image quality of their broadcasts, ceasing to offer 4K or Full HD to bet on SD. In this way, they would better help operators to better manage traffic and avoid possible Internet falls during the hard part of confinement due to the coronavirus health alert. In the case of Netflix, we opted to reduce the quality of the content by reducing the bitrate of the content they broadcast, but not the resolution. Now, four months later, Netflix recovers image quality in Spain.

During confinement, the increased consumption of messaging applications or video calls, forced users to enhance the maintenance of their networks. In the same way, the consumption of content from streaming platforms grew exponentially, leading to Thierry Breton, commissioner of the EU digital market, to ask for a reduction in resolution or quality to cut data consumption by just over 25%.

Netflix already broadcasts the maximum bitrate even in 4K UHD 2160p

As we have already said, Netflix reduced the rate of its broadcasts. The platform finally cut it in half. This could be easily seen in the information offered by the platform while we play series or movies. So far, full-resolution content 4K UHD 2160p HDR it played with a 7.62 Mbps birate or the like. This was on the order of 15 Mbps before the capping in March.

Luckily, Netflix has followed the path it had already taken in other countries and has recovered the quality of its broadcasts in Spain. A few minutes ago we were able to verify that its 4K content has recovered the pre-confinement bitrate. Without going any further, we have seen a broadcast of this resolution with a bitrate of 15.25 Mbps, as seen in the image below.

netflix quality

Many users had complained that the streaming platform had reduced the quality of the broadcasts, but had not taken any action on the price. Finally, complaints have come to nothing more, but many expected some special gesture for having continued to pay religiously for a product whose quality was degraded by exceptional circumstances.

In addition, Netflix has not been the only one that has applied this type of coverage in the quality of its broadcasts. Almost all streaming platforms, including Youtube, have limited some aspect of their contents during confinement, although it is possible that they have lengthened it too much in time.

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