Netro Pixie, the smart irrigation controller

Controlling the automatic watering of your plants is very simple with the right device, and we tried one of the best options on the market: Netro Pixie offers you battery with solar recharge, internet connection, smart irrigation system and a very complete and intuitive application.

Keeping your house plants in good shape can be quite a difficult task, and any tool that makes it easy is always welcome. Irrigation controllers are one of those tools, but the vast majority only allow you to establish fixed irrigation guidelines, when the weather however is highly variable. If we add to this that each plant requires specific care, the utility of these conventional controllers is quite limited.

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Netro Sprite, a smart irrigation controller

Netro offers us different products, intelligent irrigation controllers that we can trust so that the care of our plants is best suited to the plants themselves, to current and future climate conditions, and without forgetting to make efficient water consumption. After using the Netro Sprite controller that includes several irrigation zones, ideal for more “complex” installations, today we analyze Netro Pixie, a simpler controller but with the same intelligent tools as its older brother, and some very interesting peculiarities.

Solar energy to install and forget

Among the characteristics of this controller we find the WiFi connectivity (2.4 Networks) to be able to control it from anywhere using our smartphone and gathering all the necessary information from the internet about the weather conditions that will determine how our plants will be watered. This is an essential requirement to “connect and forget” about it, without having to be aware of changing the programming depending on the time of year.

But what about the power supply to make it work? Netro has opted for solar energy, a real success because this way you do not depend on batteries or having to install a plug nearby. The solar panel that occupies practically the entire front of the controller is responsible for recharging the (removable) battery of the device. According to the manufacturer, one day of charge allows one week of autonomy. In practice, since I installed it, the battery of my device has not dropped below 99% since I have it in an area where it is exposed to direct sunlight for several hours daily. So yes it can be said that it is a device that you connect, configure and forget forever. If for any reason the battery does not recharge because it does not receive enough solar energy, you can always take it out of the device and recharge it using the microUSB that it has.

In the controller we find only a button that is used for the configuration process and to activate the irrigation manually, and an LED that lights up in colors depending on the state of the connection and the battery. There are no more elements, because all the information and programming will be done through the Netro application that we have in the App Store for free (link). It only remains to add, that it is a device resistant to water and dust, so we can leave it outside the house without worrying, as is evident.

Comprehensive and intuitive application

The installation process is as simple as screwing the controller between the tap and the hose of our irrigation system. After that we can already configure it and for this we need the aforementioned application. The configuration process is simple and also very well managed by the applicationBasically all we have to do is give it access to our WiFi network. Despite being outside the house, the signal received by the controller is maximum.

The application offers detailed information about the weather, both current and in the coming days. All this information is used for the intelligent irrigation program, so that not only rain is the determining factor, but also temperature or daylight hours. We can also add more information about the plants that we are going to water using the controller, so that the watering adjustment is more precise. We have a wide catalog of plants of all kinds, and we can also specify the type of terrain they are on, the total area and even the hours of shade or the inclination of the terrain.

With all these data it is recommended to activate the “Smart Zone” so that the app is in charge of the watering needs of the plants. But if we want, we can also set a manual schedule, which can be skipped if there is rain. The amount of rain and the days to be watered can also be configured. I don’t see why you should go for the manual program, but it is nice to have all the options available.

Editor’s opinion

After more than a year using the Netro Sprite irrigation controller, I knew that this Netro Pixie was going to make me fall in love too, and it has been. A very simple installation, total autonomy thanks to its integrated battery with solar recharge, and the same fantastic application that is used for the entire Netro range are a guarantee of total satisfaction. Caring for your plants cannot be in better hands, and it will also help you save water. If it were also compatible with HomeKit it would be the repera. Netro Pixie is available on Amazon for € 119.99 (link).

Netro Pixie
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