new 20 Mbps speed limit – August 2020

Vodafone One Connect is one of the rates of the British operator Vodafone that allows us to have a convergent with unlimited data for areas without fiber or ADSL. This was announced in September 2019 with a theoretical speed of about 150 Mbps of navigation, that is, the maximum of the 4G network. However, in March it was announced that, for new customers only, the speed would be limited to 20 Mbps. The operator is now using the monthly bill to communicate that this limitation will apply to all customers of the service from August of this year.

Vodafone One Conecta offers 4G maximum speed internet access service from up to 20 Mbps with unlimited data capacity subject to the fair use policy This fee includes the router free of charge and is limited to the home in which it will be used, its use in another place or in mobility is not allowed. It also includes fixed, television and mobile rate. Based on this mobile rate, the price is determined:

  • Mini for 47.99 euros per month
  • Extra for 57.99 euros per month
  • Unlimited for 64.99 euros per month
  • Unlimited Super for 69.99 euros per month
  • Unlimited Total for 73.99 euros per month

Does it make sense to limit the speed to 20 Mbps?

We are facing a rural Internet rate for areas no fiber coverage. In these areas it is usually difficult to get speed due to the lack of infrastructure, so 4G (and 5G in the future) are seen as the best alternatives. However, movements like the one made by Vodafone on two occasions, seem difficult to understand.

These communities are the ones that need the most support in order not to increase the digital divide that already exists. Limiting their speed to 20 Mbps does not help them access connected services. Without going further, Netflix in 4K it requires 25 Mbps and so it is with other services. This limitation went into effect in March for new customers, but will now apply to all customers starting August 15.

vodafone one connects

This is the release that customers have received on invoice:

“From August 15. The browsing speed of your service will become 20Mb. You can unsubscribe from the service without penalty prior to the entry into force of the modification in the usual channels. Keep in mind that the Internet Conecta service is for exclusive use at your home, so in case you try to use it improperly outside of it. the service may be interrupted ”.

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