New Apple cable costs 145 euros – and is not too expensive

A black Thunderbolt 3 cable has appeared in Apple’s online store for over 140 euros. Incredibly expensive? If you take a closer look, you will notice that this is not necessarily true. And it’s not just because of the chic casing.

Thunderbolt 3

New addition to the Apple Store: A Thunderbolt 3 cable for all situations

“This two-meter-long cable comes in a black, braided design that doesn’t get tangled,” Apple writes about a new Thunderbolt 3 cable that is now available in the manufacturer’s online store. It has apparently been available for a few weeks now, and it has only recently attracted attention – at Reddit. A user had drawn attention to the cable there, perhaps also due to the proud price of 145.20 euros.

The cable with textile sheath supports data transmission via Thunderbolt 3 with up to 40 Gbit / s, also the standard USB 3.1 (2nd generation) with data transmission up to 10 G / bit per second and video output via DisplayPort (HBR3). You can also charge end devices with the cable – with up to 100 watts of power transmission.

Functionally, the new cable, which until now could only be purchased together with the Pro Display XDR, corresponds to Apple’s 0.8 meter long white Thunderbolt 3 cable for a little over 40 euros. For an additional length of 1.2 meters and textile sheathing you pay around 100 euros extra. But there are good reasons for this.

Until recently, the cable could only be purchased together with the Pro Display XDR – here Apple presents the high-end screen and the new Mac Pro:

Cable length is crucial

100 euros surcharge for a good meter longer and some fabric? Obviously, this is not unreasonable: comparable cables are difficult to find, for example, on Amazon. This is mainly due to the length of the cable: Thunderbolt 3 cables that deliver the full data throughput at 40 Gbit / s are usually significantly shorter. A high data rate with a long cable – this is not an easy task and requires high-quality components, explains a Reddit user. A real bargain, you could say – especially for professional users who can use such a cable, for example, to process 4K video files.

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