New AppleTV + Insider Trailer – Film "Greyhound"

Apple recently released a new trailer from the new Tom Hanks film “Greyhound “ released. In it, Tom Hanks talks about the background of the real-life event AppleTV+ – Films.

Tom Hanks, who is also responsible for the screenplay, plays in the film the naval officer George Krause, who was the destroyer Greyhound commanded. While he is with his Greyhound and other ships in the direction of German opponents, he wrestles with his own conscience and inner demons. Still, he feels strong enough to continue playing his part in the conflict.

Pandemic plans for Greyhound release changed

The film was originally scheduled to be released in cinemas this year, but the corona pandemic prevented this from happening since most US cinemas are currently closed. Apple took this opportunity and added the new Tom Hanks film to its in-house streaming portfolio. “Greyhound “ is thus the first film by the Hollywood actor to be offered directly as a stream. In a first interview earlier this week Hanks but not very enthusiastic about it.

“Greyhound” was next to “Little Voice “and”Greatness Code ” AppleTV+ published.

Via MacRumors

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