new attack to steal accounts

This has alerted him Panda Security, which has discovered a new attack in which a SMS message in the first instance to the victim. That message, in which the attacker impersonates WhatsApp, indicates that “recently someone has registered a WhatsApp account with that number ”, this being that of the victim. To verify that the person who receives the SMS is the owner of the account, the criminals ask you to resend the code that you are going to receive via SMS.

You will not be able to regain control of the account

The problem is that the code received by SMS was generated by the attackers trying to log into your WhatsApp account using your number on another mobile phone. If you give them the password that comes to you by SMS, then they enter it in the new mobile and they go on to steal your WhatsApp account, thus blocking your mobile and losing access to it forever.

whatsapp sms scam

With this, attackers can use your contact list to contact them by posing as you. Subsequently, they carry out the same attack on those users to take control of their accounts through the sending the fake SMS. The system used is quite intelligent, because it takes advantage of the own security measures that WhatsApp uses to prevent account theft. However, it is important to bear in mind that WhatsApp will never contact you to send you a code that you have not requested. And the most important thing is that no one else, except you, has that code, since with him and you phone number your account can be stolen.

Never resend the WhatsApp SMS code

By making WhatsApp backup copies of our messages, we are “lucky” that these at least are not lost, and we will be forced to create a new account, which can confuse our contacts and generate more than one problem.

This type of attack can be carried out by anyone without having to have technical knowledge of hacking or vulnerabilities, since it is based on social engineering that takes advantage of the naivety and ignorance of many users. Therefore, the only way to protect yourself is not to give anyone the codes that we receive by SMS.

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