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Qualcomm has introduced a rapid development of the Quick Charge charging process. In this way, cell phones are to be supplied with over 100 watts – four times faster than before. But not all smartphones will benefit from it, as it turns out.


Quick Charge 5: Batteries charge with 100 watts

Qualcomm has officially launched its new fast charging process. Quick Charge 5 is intended to help significantly reduce the charging time for cell phones and other mobile devices. The manufacturer speaks of an increase in effectiveness of 70 percent, batteries should be charged by a factor of four faster than Quick Charge 4, which ended after 27 watts. A battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh can be half charged in just 5 minutes, according to t3n. Unfortunately, not all cell phones will benefit from this.

At the beginning, Quick Charge 5 should only be able to show its strengths if the smartphone has a Snapdragon 865 or Snapdragon 865+ as processor. This is the case with many new flagships, but even top cell phones of 2019 and all mid-range models have to do without the greatest advantages of Quick Charge 5. Future models of the Snapdragon 700 series will also be supported. Some smartphone manufacturers do not rely on Qualcomm’s rapid charging process at all, but have developed their own processes.

There are many myths about batteries that we would like to clarify in the photo series:

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The first smartphones that will use Quick Charge 5 are expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2020. Here, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi as a partner of Qualcomm could start.

A smartphone or a power bank with a display? Energizer could not prevail with this concept:

Quick Charge 5 becomes backwards compatible

If the new standard is supported, the cell phones should also be designed to be backwards compatible, so that all existing quick-charge chargers can be used – even if not with 100 watts or more. Quick Charge automatically recognizes the maximum supported charging speed. Qualcomm specifies heating to 40 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature. Chargers for Quick Charge 5 should support at least 45 watts.

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