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new blockade in Europe despite broadcasting legal IPTV

new blockade in Europe despite broadcasting legal IPTV

Rojadirecta is operated by the company Puerto 80 Projects, and has been operational for more than a decade. This has made it an easy target for the audiovisual industry, and unlike what other websites do, Rojadirecta has gone to a multitude of trials in various countries to try to defend itself. Most of the lawsuits have been lost, although some have been won, such as that of the United States, in which the government had to return their domain after it was seized by the Justice Department.

Denmark Blocks Rojadirecta, Saying It’s Only the Beginning

Last year, the Danish anti-piracy group Rights AllianceTogether with LaLiga, they managed to block the website in the country through the operator Telenor. The web, however, appealed the sentence arguing that the web only links to legal content open to all users. In addition, it forces all users who send links to affirm that they are not sending content that infringes copyrights.

Despite this, the sentence has been the same again, and the judge has determined that the website is violating LaLiga copyright, and therefore the website must be blocked by the Telenor operator. The Court cites jurisprudence against the Filmspeler website, where, although pirated content was not hosted directly, it was “communicated to the public”. LaLiga is happy with the sentence, and says it will continue to fight piracy worldwide.

The rest of the operators in Denmark have voluntarily joined the blockade, so the Rojadirecta website will become blocked across the country hereinafter. In addition, from Denmark they point out that this opens the door for the owners of copyrights of live sports content and television to request new locks in the future. In addition, he states that they are considering introducing new blocks in the country to other websites.

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