New Bluetooth headphones from Panasonic now available

Panasonic had already presented its new products for 2020 at the beginning of the year. Now the new generation of Bluetooth headphones is also available.

Panasonic wants to assert itself in the wireless market with three new models: Two in-ear models and headphones – they should not only have a long battery life and dampen noise from the outside, but also bring permanently stable Bluetooth connections. What each model can do and what Panasonic wants for it is explained below:

Panasonic RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W Bluetooth in-ear headphones

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Almost identical on the outside, different features on the inside: The Bluetooth in-ear headphone models RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W According to the manufacturer, both have always stable Bluetooth connections and should guarantee absolutely synchronous playback on both ears. The models also offer easier voice control. They differ in a few points: RZ-S500W has an additional feature that should dampen the noise from the outside and the battery should last 19.5 hours – but the maximum battery life is RZ-S300W a little longer at 30 hours. However, both are quick to charge: within 15 minutes, they should be charged for use for 70 minutes. Both models are available in three colors: black, white and mint green.

Both models are splash-proof (this only applies to the ear inserts, not to the charging box) and can be connected to the integrated voice assistant on the user’s cell phone. They also have an interaction mode: a single tap on the touch sensor allows ambient noise to pass through even while the music is playing.

The RZ-S500W-Model currently costs 173.24 euros, that RZ-S300W-Model currently 116.90 euros. Panasonic is also currently organizing a competition: you can do that until July 19 RZ-S500W– Win the model on Instagram.

Bluetooth headphones RB-M700B with noise canceling

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The Bluetooth headphones are designed for vibrating bass and optimal noise suppression RB-M700B with noise canceling. With an integrated bass reactor, vibrating basses are generated that should not only be heard but also felt. The battery life is 20 hours and after 15 minutes of charging the model is ready for use again for 1.5 hours. This model can also be coupled with a voice assistant, but it is not splash-proof.

The RB-M700B-Model is currently available for 181.03 euros.

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