new bug in iTunes that signals an error in purchases


We are used to seeing how bugs can appear on our mobile at any time. In many cases it is due to a hardware problem or our own use, but in other cases, they come directly from our manufacturer. This is the case of Apple, since many users are reporting a modest problem that is affecting the iPhone at the moment and that at the moment has no solution.

It is very common for iPhone bugs to appear, for example, when you are in the iOS beta program, where there may be instabilities or a shorter battery life. It is a risk that the user assumes in exchange for trying new functions before most, as is the case with the public beta of iOS 14. However, sudden failures in stable versions are less common, especially when They are given by Apple itself.

ITunes error

There are several users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, those who are reporting the same problem and sharing screenshots on social networks. The failure has been reported since last Thursday and refers to an error when processing purchases from the iTunes Store. The bug is showing up in any installed application, including third-party applications.

itunes store error

This error does not appear when processing a purchase, as it might seem, as it appears randomly when an application is being used. Some users report that the failure is assured when using Google applications such as YouTube. Apple’s system status page has revealed no issues with the iTunes Store, as only a bug has been reported with the Apple Books Store. The ruling is reminiscent of the one that appeared on the iPhone in January 2018 and that referred a similar message. However and like then, there is no clear solution that will make the message stop appearing.

itunes error in google

It can be fixed?

For the moment there is nothing that can be done until apple fixes the error Nor is there a clear report on in what models, areas or in what specific circumstances the message appears. However, with the 2018 ruling it was recommended that users review their Internet connection, have their mobile updated to the latest version of iOS (13.6.1 at this time) and check both the date and time in Settings / General / Date and Time. However, it may not result, since the failure seems to come from Apple’s own servers or through some incompatibility with third-party apps such as Google.

Written by David Girao

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