New business partner portal for P2P processes in SAP

“XSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere” will run on the SAP Cloud Platform and automates data and document exchange and communication with suppliers in the P2P process.

With its new development for the cloud, the xSuite Group gives SAP user companies a central platform to carry out Procure-2-Pay (P2P) processes (ordering and payment) digitally and in a standardized manner with suppliers. Purchasing, accounting and suppliers exchange all data and documents related to procurement via the portal, automatic transfer of all data and documents from the portal to the SAP system relieves purchasing and accounting. The “xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere” is operated via the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). The target group are SAP user companies using SAP ERP or SAP S / 4HANA.

xSuite Group develops new business partner portal for procurement with SAP. (Image: xSuite)xSuite Group develops new business partner portal for procurement with SAP. (Image: xSuite)

With the new business portal from the xSuite Group, purchasing continues to work in its familiar SAP environment. Orders are created and automatically made available to the supplier in the portal. There, he can independently generate all follow-up documents from the order and pass them back to the purchasing department via the portal: order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes. Alternatively, the supplier can upload these documents. In both cases, the customer’s SAP system automatically takes over the documents and data from the Business Partner Portal. All information and documents are available for processing directly in the SAP system for processing. For those involved in the purchasing process, printouts and dispatch are no longer necessary. The entire procure-to-pay (P2P) process runs much faster and known sources of error such as media breaks are eliminated.

The Business Partner Portal offers suppliers useful functions such as the self-service option. So z. For example, a new supplier can store all relevant information such as contact details and bank details. A workflow is started so that the master data for this supplier are created accordingly in the SAP system after approval. In this way, suppliers can also update their data.

The xSuite Business Partner Portal also includes a function that companies can use to strengthen their liquidity: Dynamic Discounting. Via the portal, suppliers can individually and flexibly offer an additional discount if an invoice is paid earlier. The company selects the discount amount as well as the associated payment term as desired, it is also possible to offer several payment terms with different discount amounts.

With its new development, the xSuite Group supports SAP’s strategy of bringing its customers to the cloud. Extensions and own programming should be compatible with the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) in the future. Since the new portal of the xSuite was developed for the SCP, its compatibility with the current and future SAP releases is optimally ensured.

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