new cheap plan from Netflix in India for 4 euros

Netflix offers three plans to enjoy your service. A basic modality with standard quality and only for a simultaneous user, a standard modality with HD or high definition quality and 2 simultaneous users and a premium modality with Netflix 4K UHD quality and 4 simultaneous users. In India and other territories we have a mobile mode with standard quality at a much lower price. Now, a new plus plan could come.

What would the Netflix Mobile + plan offer?

According to some media reports, Netflix is ​​testing a new pricing plan in India to try to get more subscribers in Asia. The American giant would have presented Mobile +, a new plan for new customers that offers streaming in HD quality or high definition for mobiles, tablets and computers, but not for televisions. The price is 349 rupees, just over 4 euros at the exchange.

Netflix cheaper

This new plan comes a few months after the launch of the Mobile plan in India. This is offered for 199 rupees, about 2.30 euros per month. The difference is that this mobile plan offers only SD quality or standard quality for a mobile device, and cannot be accessed from the computer or television. The standard quality is fixed at 480p.

Since Netflix confirm that “We launched the Mobile Plan in India to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if members like the additional option this offer offers. We will only implement it in the long term if they do. ”.

The American streaming platform has set its sights on India to launch new original productions. This should serve to increase your customer base in the same way as new mobile plans. At the moment, Netflix refuses to take these plans to other countries in which the exclusive use of mobile phones to surf the Internet is not as pronounced as in India.

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