New critters are coming and they will take revenge on you

Do you still remember the moment when you killed that one mean mosquito? Yes? She will come back. And it will be bigger. Okay – YOU will be smaller, that would be the correct expression. What then makes them bigger, in proportion. Bigger and dangerous, and it will take revenge on you in the upcoming update of Grounded.

Grounded: Bees and mosquitoes should soon scare you.
Grounded: Bees and mosquitoes should soon scare you.

The real question is, if a mosquito is as big as you are, does it make that annoying squeak? Or is it rather a roar? So here: MOOOOIIIIH! Well, we’ll find out in one of the upcoming updates of the Shrink Game Grounded: Obsidian’s new and popular survival creation is taking its Early Access status seriously and is adding it little by little new content one that soon every month should come.

All shrunken players can look forward to first of all Bees and mosquitoes: They should be adding up next, when exactly has Game Director Adam Brennecke not yet revealed in an interview with GamePur. It is clear, however, that mosquitoes in particular will finally have a chance to take revenge on humanity. In Grounded you play children who have shrunk to the size of a louse and who have to compete against nasty ants and even nastier spiders in the front yard of their home until now.

Of the Base construction is one of the most important things: You need a place of retreat for the dangerous night – but to keep it exciting, many-legged people should get on you there:

“We have Bees and mosquitoesthat will come in a later update, in addition to more flying insectsthat are scheduled to Diversity in combat and defense to accomplish. We want to make sure that most bases – no matter where they are built – can be attacked by something. “

Sounds like Maya the Bee, just bad and bloody, doesn’t it? By the way, this is what Grounded already looks like:

The next update will be at the end of August fly into the game, and by the time Grounded is released, Mama’s front yard should “overflowing with life and things to see and do.“When exactly that will be is unclear, but we can assume that it will continue exclusively on PC and Xbox One will be available – because Xbox Game Studios is the publisher. No release on PS4 or PS5, so.

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