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New crossplay enables killing between platforms

New crossplay enables killing between platforms

Allrighty: Dead By Daylight did it, in the end and maybe finally, after years of pleading, hoping and fear: Crossplay is there, between all possible platforms, including PC and console. Yes: even between PC and PS4, which is a small miracle that doesn’t make every fan happy. (But some do.)

Dead by Daylight
Dead By Daylight: New crossplay enables killing between platforms
Dead By Daylight: New crossplay enables killing between platforms

You can now kill poor little survivors across the platforms, confirms the developer Behavior Interactive in new update. Hang-your-friends-the-hook-and-kill-them game Dead By Daylight has come a long, bumpy road through valleys of updates and new killers; often thwarted by the question of whether and when it will ever make crossplay possible.

Well, the time has come – read a few bloody lines about the new update:

Crossplay is now available between Steam, the Windows Store, of the PlayStation 4, of the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Regardless of whether you play on PC or console, you will now experience trials together, which is sure to raise new and exciting experiences out of the fog. “

In addition to the crossplay feature, there is also one “Cross-Friends” function into play about who you Co-op matches between the platforms can carry away. And as much as crossplay was wanted (I wanted it without question), so much is it now feared: Dead By Daylights killer-versus-4-survivor mechanics are based in the higher ranks on exact movements, timing and control of the keys, with console players in some areas of accuracy of PC gamers have always been inferior. If you play the killer nurse, for example, you can become much more precise and dangerous on the PC than on the console – with a lot of practice.

Which killer are you?

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Dead by Daylight: An overview of all nasty killers

That’s why you can kill between the platforms too to switch on and off: No matter how and where you play, you can decide whether you want crossplay – or not. But this also goes hand in hand with losses: because although it is just kind of fair is to be able to switch off this function, two pools of players are formed: those who want to kill crossplay and those who do not want to kill crossplay.

At peak times, up to 50,000 players in Dead by Daylight, and that only via Steam: The chances are still good that despite the on and off button there will always be enough survivors or killers swimming in each pool.

Last, Silent Hill strutted into the franchise, with a new killer and several new survivors:

Dead By Daylight is a asymmetrical multiplayer, at which a overpowered killer against four less powerful survivors occurs. Both positions are taken over by players, just as both have to learn their characters first. Over time, a number of well-known killers (and characters) have crawled into the game, especially Michael Myers, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things or the attractive Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

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