New DC Universe Online "Wonderverse" episode now available – WePC

Wonderverse bundles in new daily and weekly missions, normal and elite raids (levels 30 and 299, combat rating required), raid-like world bosses and alarm content, for which you can find descriptions below:

  • New Open World Missions – Wonderverse: Patchwork Themyscira: A crack in the source wall fused Themysciras from different soils. As the wall continues to collapse, fragments of the source wall rain on the island, attracting several factions of invaders who are trying to raid this new resource. Help all the wonder women ward off the attackers and then bring the fight to their leaders!
  • New Solo – Wonderverse: Temple of Spring Power: Invasion factions have noticed that fragments of this source wall are attracted to places of power around Themyscira. Line up or go to 4 different temples to help the different wonder women deny at least one invasion faction per day.
  • New alarm – Wonderverse: crypt of Penthesilea: Instead of handing over her share of fragments of the source wall to the rest of the Council of Wonder Women, Queen Diana has suspiciously sealed herself in the Penthesilea crypt. Meet with Nubia to see if you can convince Queen Diana to see reason together.
  • New raid and elite raid – Wonderverse: Fractured God Sphere: We learned from Poseidon that the sphere of the gods is collapsing and the gods themselves have collected fragments of the source wall to try to strengthen their own strength. The Council of Wonder Women knows that these fragments are necessary to repair the multiverse. Enter the sphere of God and reclaim the fragments for the common good.

The episode also includes a time-limited special “Event” version of all new content that players can find in the game under the “Events” tab. This is open to all players regardless of level.

Finally, Wonderverse offers new gear, base items, and tricks, including new currencies, shattered coins, and Empyrian ether, additions, artifacts, new gear inspired by the Grail and the Amazons, and more.

The update is completely free and is now available to players on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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