New EliteTorrent domain July 2020 to download torrent

Accessing EliteTorrent in 2020 is not an easy task. The portal constantly changes domain, although it is true that they always enable the redirection from the previous domain. With this mechanism, we have several URL changes every year and it is often difficult to keep track of them. In this case, last week you enabled a new domain, but this one has already automatically redirected to another one a few days ago.

Another EliteTorrent domain in July 2020

Last week, a geographic top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tonga, a country with several registered download websites, was activated. However, this domain has lasted a few days, much less than usual. Hereinafter, becomes the new official download portal domain.


During this year, EliteTorrent has been available in various domains. Ripped 2020 at, but soon moved to and later The latter was running for a long time without problems until was enabled, now the official domain has become

As we know, the “original” EliteTorrent closed in 2017 after 13 years active. Those responsible for the project now operate, a website dedicated to film lovers, but far from the world of piracy and downloads. In this we can share tastes, reviews, ratings, recommendations, see news and videos, but nothing with a minimal relationship to download.

Several portals tried to continue the project. For this reason, it is worth taking extreme precautions. The appearance of all of them is practically identical, but many of them have been created solely to “sneak” malware onto the user’s computer. This is usually seen quickly if, instead of downloading a .torrent file, a compressed file appears that hides a .vbs script with malicious content.

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