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New episodes of "Rick and Morty" on Netflix

New episodes of "Rick and Morty" on Netflix

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The clever anarcho-cartoon series about the dangerous-brilliant grandfather and his always overwhelmed grandson is now in its fourth season at streaming service Netflix.

When series creator Dan Harmon was forced to take a break from the chronically undervalued comedy series “Community”, he was anything but idle: Before he could again determine the fortunes of Greendale Community College as an author, Harmon quickly created “Rick & Morty” and thus the cult cartoon series of our time: A fast-paced and merciless cocktail from the cosmos of ideas by HPLovecraft and Philip K. Dick in the elevator of a “Simpsons” average family has since then made the streaming audience worldwide addicted to multidimensional adventures that take the edge of madness with them Leave the speed of light behind.

Now, after a long wait, Netflix customers can also watch the latest episodes of the fourth season of “Rick & Morty”. The streaming service brings to Sky, where all the episodes have been shown for some time, and Prime Video, the first five episodes of the new run.

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