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New Fable is "a challenge like a new Star Wars movie"

New Fable is "a challenge like a new Star Wars movie"

The Fable series has a loyal fan base and satisfying them is similar to the task of making a new Star Wars film, explained Microsoft Game Studios chief Matt Booty.

Fable 4

Many RPG fans were delighted to announce a sequel to the popular RPG series Fable. Almost 16 years have passed since the first part and like many franchises of a certain age, Fable faces the task of not to disappoint the old fans but also to attract new players.

Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Game Studios, also knows about this challenge. He compares this task to what is probably the most popular example when it comes to the balancing act between fans of different generations of a franchise goes: Star Wars. The discussion alone as to whether this balancing act was successful or even necessary fills entire forums on the Internet.

In an interview with the Guardian, Booty said:

“With a franchise of this type, of which versions already exist, it is always important to keep the balance between what you submit to do justice to the old and what you add new. It’s like making a new Star Wars film – there are things that everyone wants to happen, but you also have a responsibility to create something new and I think Playground have a good vision of it. ”

According to a rumor the new Fable part will become an MMO, but there are now voices who want to refute it. For example, an editor at the Windows Central site tweeted that he could confirm that Fable would not become an MMO.

The idea of ​​online components continues, however, in this direction developers have playground Games also the Forza Horizon series developed further. There was an optional shared World, maybe that would be an opportunity for online multiplayer.

Whether it’s prequel, reboot, MMO spinoff or something completely different is currently not known. Fans are likely to find many variations of a sequel to Fable looking forward – as long as it doesn’t become a mobile game.

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