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Appeared again and again over the years, now finally landed in the bin: WhatsApp will apparently not get a vacation mode. The development of vacation mode was stopped – maybe the interest of the users was not so great in the end.

WhatsApp: vacation mode was canceled

For at least two years there have been reports about a possible vacation mode on Messenger WhatsApp, along with information about what it could offer its users. But now you have pulled the rip cord. Neither the Android version nor the iOS version of WhatsApp will get Vacation Mode.

Ultimately, WhatsApp was probably unsure whether the function would even be popular with users. Maybe you just chose a wrong name – because the vacation mode actually has nothing to do with vacation.

According to the first screenshots that circulated in 2018, Vacation Mode should do nothing more than prevent archived chats from reappearing. Up until now, new incoming messages in archived chats reappeared at the top of the list of chats, along with a notification. Once activated, the chats would remain mute globally until you came back from vacation. Manual setting is not necessary. But they have now said goodbye: There will be no vacation mode, reports SmartDroid. However, users can still use the silent mode.

Vacation mode is no longer mentioned in the newer beta versions of the app. Corresponding notices have been deleted, but a simple renaming cannot be assumed in this case either. For a real vacation mode, the actual range of functions would have been rather thin.

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WhatsApp: Multiple devices instead of vacation mode

While vacation mode has to be dispensed with, a very extensive function should soon find its way into the app. They are working on multi-device support, where up to four cell phones can be used with one WhatsApp account.

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