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New Features and Channels – July 2020

New Features and Channels – July 2020

The Orange TV television platform continues to improve over time. Competition is fierce in this segment and operators cannot rest on their laurels. For this reason, they must work on incorporating news, new channels, new content, integrating third-party platforms … In the case of Orange, since the end of June it has been activating a series of novelties in its decoders with Android TV, in addition to enabling new channels or platforms on demand.

Orange TV has different news from the past June 29 and many users are beginning to notice its arrival. For example, we have new channels on DTT, a new 4K UHD channel to broadcast two soccer games in case of coincidence of schedules, a new TV service on demand, at no additional cost called COSMO ON or different new functions on the Android TV deco from the French operator.

New DTT, 4K and COSMO ON channels on Orange TV

In recent days we have been able to confirm some news from Orange television. The first is the incorporation of new DTT channels such as TRECE (dial 78), DMAX (dial 37) and DKISS (dial 62). The new channel has also been activated Movistar Liga 1 UHD (dial 113) that will open when Real Madrid and Barcelona matches overlap, with 4K broadcast. This can happen in the last two days of the championship.


Finally, we have a new TV-on-demand service, at no additional cost known as COSMO ON, which includes all the contents of COSMO. This is accessible to all customers subscribed to the “Orange TV Cinema and Series” pack, making the French operator the first operator to offer it exclusively in Spain.

What’s new in Orange TV Android set-top boxes

The YouTube channel of Orange Spain has published a video with the news that they have included in Orange TV Android decoders. In the video description we can read:

“Moving around Orange TV on your Android set-top box is now easier and faster. Feel the speed as you move through the content and discover the new shortcuts on your controller and the colored buttons. Browse the new programming guide, much more intuitive. Enjoy all these news! ”

In the video we can see the best implemented that speed up menu navigation or by content. New remote control shortcuts are also highlighted for quick access to functions. For example, with the “jump back” button we will go to the first line of the catalog. The programming guide has also been improved and now, according to the operator, it is much more intuitive.

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