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New fiber and mobile rates for Jazztel: prices and conditions

New fiber and mobile rates for Jazztel: prices and conditions

The complicated and endless tariff proposals of the operators of the past no longer have a place in the current market. Customers need to know quickly what an operator offers and its price to decide if they are interested or if they should continue searching. In that context, Orange It is committed to simplifying Jazztel’s proposal to the maximum, which only has two rates, although it is true that they can be complemented with different additional additions.

New fiber and mobile rates for Jazztel

Starting on Monday, August 3, Jazztel wants to revolutionize the telecommunications market again, with very aggressive prices and aligned with the lowest combined offers on the market. In this context, we have two options to choose from, both for a price of 39.95 euros per month:

  • Jazz ONE: 100 Mb symmetrical fiber, and a mobile line with 20 GB and unlimited calls.
  • Jazz DUO: symmetrical 100 Mb fiber, and two mobile lines with unlimited calls and 10GB to share between them.


In both modalities we have a free telephone line with unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles. Jazztel also promises that these are definitive prices and that we are not facing any temporary promotion. All of them can be complement with:

  • Fiber speed of 600 Mbps for 8 euros more per month.
  • Additional mobile line with unlimited calls and 5GB for 8 euros.
  • Additional mobile line with unlimited calls and 20GB for 12 euros.

Another aspect shared by the two new convergent modalities is the Mega deposit, which allows unspent megabytes each month to be accumulated for the next and Gigabyte Sharing, so that the gigabytes of the mobile lines within the same contract can be shared among them, in a timely manner each time it is needed, or with automatic scheduled shares every month.

Finally, it will be used to launch a series of terminal discounts to achieve, for example, the LG K41s In installments with Jazztel for 3 euros per month in 24 installments without initial payment with any of the two new fiber and mobile modalities.

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