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New fiber optic ring brings high-speed internet to Brandenburg

New fiber optic ring brings high-speed internet to Brandenburg

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Tele Columbus AG has put a new fiber-optic ring into operation in Brandenburg. It can supply important network locations with Internet over a length of 700 kilometers.

As the company announced, the connection to the new fiber optic ring should enable easily scalable connections to Internet backbones. Customers of the Tele Columbus Group in Brandenburg who use TV and Internet products of the PŸUR brand should benefit. The ring will supply network locations in Bernau, Eberswalde, Bad Freienwalde, Frankfurt / Oder, Eisenhüttenstadt, Jüterborg, Luckenwalde and Ludwigsfelde.

With higher bandwidth demands, additional wavelengths should be able to be switched on. According to Tele Columbus, the signals should be double or redundant. This enables the network operator to ensure high signal availability. At present, Internet bandwidths of up to 400 Mbit per second are predominantly available in the Brandenburg Tele Columbus networks with fiber optic technology. There is potential for gigabit speeds, according to the network operator.

In Brandenburg, the company claims to largely rely on rented, unlit fibers (dark fiber). Tele Columbus operates the modulation technology entirely itself. In addition, extensions to the fiber optic lines of the PŸUR Business business customer division are also to be carried out as part of the glass fiber ring. The Brandenburg fiberglass ring should not stop there. This year, Tele Columbus AG is planning to put further such fiber rings into operation in Germany. One should be able to reduce the number of decentralized subnets. Tele Columbus AG currently supplies more than three million households in Germany.

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