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Motorola continues its frenetic pace of releases. On the closest horizon of the company are the new Motorola G9, of which we have already known leaked data and the possible design of some, such as the Moto G9 Plus. However, Motorola continues to certify devices that will see the light very soon, like the new terminal that has just been discovered thanks to its registration with the FCC.

It is usual that before the official launch of a terminal, the different certification bodies reveal the benefits of a terminal that is about to go on the market. Depending on the popularity of the terminal, the leaks can be more or less incisive.

Member of the Moto G9?

In this specific case, the existence of a Motorola with model number XT2081-2 in the FCC certification. It is possible that it is one of the future members of the Moto G9 family, although at the moment the details do not reveal more information. What we know for sure is that the terminal will arrive with an enorme 5,000 mAh battery and that its design it has been partially filtered, thanks to the scheme that accompanies the certification.

Double or triple camera

In this sense, it is believed that it will have a fingerprint sensor mounted on one side, which could place it in a clear mid-range or entry level. In addition, we see that it will have a rear camera module, square shape in which there seems to be a triple rear camera, since it seems unlikely that we are dealing with a double camera and an LED flash, an aspect that is not entirely rulable if we are dealing with an entry-level terminal.

leaked motorola image

Concept designed based on filtration

Likewise and although the front design is not clear, it could rush the frames a lot. The volume and power control are located on the right side of the frame, and it has a USB-c port on the inside. We are not facing a 5G device, as its file reveals in the FCC, so It will only have 4G LTE connectivity. Having reached this body, it is expected that the mystery about this new Motorola device will be revealed in the coming days. In the concept of the image above, we can see how the people of Ā«Tudo CelularĀ» reflect the possible final design of this Motorola, with the option of triple camera and LED flash on one side, or the option of double camera an LED flash in the same camera module.

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