New free, beautiful and simple weather app: AniWeather

Weather apps are one of the most successful types on the Google Play Store. Especially on dates like today, when the heat is very hot in Spain, it is convenient to have a reliable mobile app.

One of the latest to be launched in the Google store is AniWeather, a minimalist and simple aesthetic program that we can install on any mobile.

AniWeather has four great sections

The main virtue of this application is its simplicity. When we open it, they show us an animation with the current climate, temperature, thermal sensation and parameters such as the time of sunset and sunrise, humidity or wind speed.

The tones are colorful and through gradients takes us from one section to another of the application.

New free, beautiful and simple weather app: AniWeather

If we slide to the right we will see the forecast for the next 48 hours, with the wind speed and the maximum temperature. In the third panel we have the same preview but for the next seven days, with a little less detail.

In the fourth panel, we have the tables of temperature, rain and wind that we will have during the next week.

New free, beautiful and simple weather app: AniWeather

If we click on the settings using the umbrella-shaped icon in the upper right corner, we can modify the location of the place from which we want to know the weather, the units and the time format.

As you can see, the application is extremely simple, beautiful and can also boast of being free and have no in-app purchases. No ads. The only thing there is a button to donate € 2.39 to the developer if we consider it appropriate.




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