New free TV information channel can be received via satellite


SES announced this week that millions of households in Africa, Europe and Asia can now receive a new free TV channel. The program aims to provide trustworthy information about the corona pandemic.

The new program is called “Fight COVID-19”. The SES satellite fleet thus aims to provide secure and critical information and background information about the corona pandemic. Especially for those in rural areas, for example, who would otherwise find it difficult to access secured facts and backgrounds. This emerges from a press release from SES.

The content of the station should be provided by organizations such as UNICEF, AFP or EdTech. Spectators are informed about the symptoms of Covid-19, the healing process, social distancing and mental health during the pandemic. According to the announcement, SES also welcomes other content providers from international and regional organizations.

The free-to-air channel should be available in the following regions:

  • SES-5 at 5 degrees East for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • ASTRA 4A at 5 degrees East for Ukraine and Europe
  • ASTRA 2F at 28.2 degrees East for West Africa
  • NSS-12 at 57 degrees East for Ethiopia and neighboring countries
  • SES-9 at 108.2 degrees East for the Philippines

Image source:

  • SES-Astra satellite antenna: © SES

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