New function of the smartwatch can save lives

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Little by little, more and more details about the Apple Watch Series 6 become known. According to new reports, Apple will bring health to the fore with the next version of its smartwatch – with a new sensor – this could possibly save the life of the owner.

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6: is the SpO2 sensor coming?

A new sensor could make its debut in the Apple Watch Series 6. As DigiTimes (Paywall) reports exclusively, the group has secured a considerable number of SpO2 sensors, which are probably intended for the next version of the Apple Watch. The blood oxygen value is measured with SpO2 sensors. If the value falls below 95 percent, the watch could sound the alarm and maybe even save the owner’s life.

There had previously been rumors that the hardware of the current Apple Watch Series 5 would theoretically be able to measure blood oxygen levels. The function would be activated by a software update, it said. This is now considered rather unlikely. In connection with the reporting around watchOS 7, there was always talk of a possible SpO2 measurement on the currently available Apple Watch. However, this can “only” measure the pulse and create an electrocardiogram.

Many features introduced with watchOS 7 will be able to cut an even better figure on the Apple Watch Series 6. Together with a MEMS-based motion sensor and the built-in gyroscope, the watch should be able to take no less than the most precise measurements that are currently possible with a smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 6 could look like this:

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Apple Watch 6 circles: New design for the smartwatch?

Apple Watch 6 is coming “in the foreseeable future”

Apple wants to deliver its new smartwatch to customers as usual towards the end of September. Even if the new iPhones will probably be delayed by a few weeks, the Apple Watch Series 6 is fully on schedule. In addition to the SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels, Touch ID could make a comeback on the watch.

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At what price the Apple Watch Series 6 will be launched in Germany is not yet clear. The predecessor started at 449 euros, but is now available for less than 420 euros on Amazon.

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