New function should lead to more clarity

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WhatsApp is the largest messenger in the world – and that also has disadvantages. In order to provide users with a little more clarity, WhatsApp has now introduced an interesting function that should clarify. GIGA tells you what it’s all about.

WhatsApp introduces fact check

WhatsApp offers the possibility to share and forward content. The messenger marks things that have been forwarded with a double arrow, so that users know that the message does not actually come from the person who just sent it, but was only forwarded. You should always be skeptical about such messages and check the information. To make this easier, WhatsApp has now integrated the search directly into the messenger. A magnifying glass is now displayed next to a forwarded message. If you click on the magnifying glass, the content is subjected to a fact check in a search engine. This way you can check whether the information shared in WhatsApp is correct before you believe it. It looks like this:

WhatsApp introduces fact check. (Image source: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp wants to prevent the spread of fake news. Messenger has made many efforts in recent months to reduce the spread of false messages related to current events. For example, you can only share limited content. In fact, attacks have occurred in some countries in the past. It remains to be seen whether the new function will really be used frequently. In any case, it does no harm.

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WhatsApp search: already active in Germany?

The new search in WhatsApp is now available for Android and iOS devices in Brazil, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the USA. To be able to use it, you have to update to the latest version of the messenger. There is no date for Germany yet, but the rollout should start soon. After all, the FAQ page is already available in German. GIGA will inform you when the time comes.

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