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He OnePlus Nord It has not landed on the right foot and users continue to report problems, specifically related to the screen experience. Recall that the device was very weak in the resistance tests due to its plastic chassis and that your screen turns purple at low brightness levels. Last week we discovered the new OnePlus bloatware that concerns the Nord and now the problems with its screen return.

We know that the OnePlus Nord is a device whose price is far from the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. But in addition to the difference in cost, the terminal is proving to be far from the experience shown by its brothers, and the OnePlus forums continue to fill up of reports of those users who find glitches in screen experience. After the failures at low brightness levels in which its screen shows purple tints, it is precisely the brightness that is the new protagonist of the OnePlus Nord failures.

The brightness goes down

The first of the new screen-related glitches has to do with when the user switches between apps. As the brightness changes radically between one application and anothereven when auto brightness is off. Some users claim that this does not occur when the terminal is connected to power and is charging. Some Nord owners have detailed that this problem appears mainly in Google Chrome, as the main page loads and then dims, lighting up again.

OnePlus Nord forums problem

In Google apps

The problem seems to affect mainly Google apps, as stated by the user of the OnePlus forums “bajajaditya19”, who reports how your Nord’s display dims after two to three seconds activity, which makes browsing in Google Chrome almost impossible, although it details that the same happens in other Google apps such as Gmail or Google Drive. However, this drawback appears in other applications that do not necessarily have to be from Google.

Everything indicates that eThese failures are due to the setting of some parameterss that were left in the pipeline before the launch of the device. However, it is the daily use and the time with the terminal, which really brings out this type of inconvenience. OnPlus has released a recent update to correct some bugs in the system, but everything seems to indicate that they still have a lot of work ahead to keep the first owners of the Nord happy.

Written by David Girao

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