New graphics cards could break all records

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Don’t mess up, but clutter – that seems to be Nvidia’s motto for the next generation of graphics cards. According to the latest rumors, the manufacturer is giving its upcoming GPUs a fat upgrade, which could make the new models particularly future-proof and at the same time break all records.


Video memory fed up: New Nvidia graphics cards should rely on an extra amount of VRAM

In about 5 weeks it will be ready. It is currently assumed that Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards will officially go on sale on September 17, 2020. The new GPUs should be presented by the manufacturer in a presentation about a week beforehand.

Rumors and leaks that certify a huge increase in performance for the upcoming graphics cards are now a dime a dozen – now there is more information about the technical specifications of the cards. More precisely, Wccftech wants to have details about the video memory in experience.

It is assumed, for example, that Nvidia will give its new graphics cards a big memory upgrade. While the current RTX 2080 Ti can only fall back on 11 GB of VRAM, the new top model, the RTX 3080 Ti, will get a whopping 24 GB of VRAM.

But not only the absolute top version gets more video memory available. The RTX 3070 SUPER and RTX 3080 SUPER should be equipped with up to 16 and 20 GB of VRAM, respectively. “Up to”, since Nvidia apparently wants to offer both models for sale in a second version with half of it to VRAM.

The current tech news in a nutshell:

Nvidia graphics cards with loads of VRAM: does that really make sense?

At the moment, this huge amount of video memory seems to be oversized. If you play in WQHD, you can do well with 8 GB of VRAM at the moment, while 11 GB is usually sufficient for 4K. But that could change in the coming years. Especially when Nvidia really throws such VRAM-strong cards on the market. After all, game developers will sooner or later make use of the new hardware options and appreciate the additional amount of VRAM.

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However, it will only be possible to say whether the surcharge for the model with more video memory is worthwhile for private customers once the prices have been determined. Because one thing is certain: The models with twice the amount of VRAM will be offered significantly more expensive than the “normal” versions.

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