new high definition channel of Movistar +

Taking advantage of the capabilities of our brand new 4K and 8K televisions with the most advanced HDR is not easy since there is a lot of content missing. It is true that there is content, but this is scarce for what we should have in full 2020. In fact, not all linear channels of digital terrestrial television or payment platforms broadcast in HD, so to speak of linear 4K channels Is it too much to ask”.

Disney Junior HD will arrive in a matter of days

Again, our television forum has announced the arrival of a new channel to Movistar +. In this case, its presence has been detected in the virtual deco, which constitutes the previous step to its definitive incorporation as a channel. The channel in question is Disney Junior HD, a high definition version of the channel with the same name that will be replaced in a matter of days and can be found on dial 91.

Disney Junior HD

This improvement in image quality will only apply to clients with fiber television, since those of satellites will have to settle for their broadcast in HD. With this addition, Movistar + continues to close the gap with the aim of having the maximum number of HD channels. However, they still have a way to go since many channels cannot be enjoyed with this resolution. Disney Junior HD, Nick JR HD, Clan HD, Nickelodeon HD and Disney Channel HD are Movistar + children’s channels that have or will have high definition in a matter of days.

As we said, TVG HD and TVG 2 HD They were the last two high definition channels to join. These came after other improvements such as the incorporation of Nickelodeon HD, the children’s channel owned by MTV Networks, Movistar Cine Ñ HD, the only cinema channel that still broadcast in standard definition, Barça TV, on dial 69, ETB 1 HD and ETB 2 HD, the Basque Autonomous Communities and TeleMadrid HD, the Autonomous Community of the Community of Madrid.

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