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new high definition channels Movistar +

new high definition channels Movistar +

While the massive landing of 4K continues to be postponed, the need to have the contents in high definition becomes more and more evident. The new televisions or mobiles are capable of offering maximum quality, either when playing linear channels or content on demand. The problem is that sometimes the content is not even in high definition. In the case of Movistar, the operator continues to bet on having all its channels as a minimum in this resolution. Right now, you have two new HD channels under test which will soon be available to everyone.

The new Movistar UHD deco is capable of playing content 4K, but the linear offer of this type of content is limited to one football game per week and little else. The next step is HD channels. Although it seems strange, in the middle of 2020 not all the channels of the platform are broadcast with this resolution and there are still some that are broadcast in SD or standard definition. We are talking about fiber television or IPTV, since the situation is much worse on satellite.

TVG HD and TVG 2 HD will soon come to Movistar +

Movistar has been updating its Movistar + channel offerings in recent times. In ADSLZone we have collected the arrival Nickelodeon HD, the children’s channel owned by MTV Networks, Movistar Cine Ñ HD, the only cinema channel that still broadcast in standard definition, Barça TV, on dial 69, ETB 1 HD and ETB 2 HD, the Basque Autonomous Communities and TeleMadrid HD. Now, it’s time to move forward with that migration strategy to high definition regional channels.

movistar plus hd

Since February of this year, with the incorporation of TeleMadrid HDWe have not had much movement in this regard. The complete stoppage of the planet by the coronavirus health alert is almost entirely to blame. However, once the confinement has been overcome and, in this stage of new normality, it is time to continue with the migration to high definition of the channels that are pending.

In this case, they have appeared in the virtual deco, a step prior to their final launch, two new channels in high definition. Users can only access their SD or standard definition version right now via fiber, but that will change in a matter of days or weeks.

The channels are TVG HD, which will be located on dial 9 and TVG 2 HD, which will be on dial 10. Both Galician regional channels that can be seen in this community. As we know, these dials are usually used by Movistar + to place the regional channels and vary according to the region from which we connect.

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